Rodo Rabbit

Card N Card Braun 30 Liter

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Kleine Stücke geschnittene braune Pappe. Dies ist die Ãœberproduktion von neuen Kartons verwendet. Der verwendete Klebstoff ist aus Kartoffelstärke wodurch irgendwelche restlichen Reste davon unschädlich sind an Tiere.


Small pieces of cut brown cardboard. Excess production of new cardboard boxes was used for this purpose. The glue used is made from potato starch so any leftover residue from this is harmless to animals.


Soft and comfortable
Superabsorption 5x wood fiber and 2 x hemp
Warm and Comfortable
Great for long-haired animals and rats
Super clean recycling product
Low dust and allergy resistant
May be disposed of in the green waste container, but can also be used as compost
Dry and clean surface


Put a layer of 5 to 6 cm in the stay. 

Suitable for:

Rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, mice, chickens, ferrets, birds and reptiles

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