Beaphar Care+ Parrot & Cockatoo High Energy 1 kg

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Beaphar Care+ Parrot & Cockatoo High Energy - Bird food | 1 kg | Pharmacy Outlet

Product information

Care+ Maintenance High Energy for parrots and cockatoos (such as macaws palm cockatoos gold parakeets) is a complete super premium maintenance food for parrots and cockatoos with a somewhat higher fat consumption. The pellets consist of more than 97% organic products. The fruits and plants used in the pellets are organically grown. The varied vegetables legumes and fruits processed are already naturally rich in vitamins and minerals. As a result, the pellets have a higher nutritional value. The pellets are not heated so all the nutritional elements in the product are preserved. The pellets contain carrot spinach and broccoli, among other ingredients.

  • The food consists of 97% organic products
  • for parrots and cockatoos with a higher fat consumption
  • rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Each pellet has the same composition
  • No selective eating behavior

Instructions for use
Feeding advice: If the bird is not used to pellets, the switch must be made gradually. Use the Care+ Switching Table included as an insert in the box for this purpose. Dosage for macaws: 40 grams per day = 4 measuring spoons. Dosage for other parrots and cockatoos: 20 to 40 grams per day = 2-4 measuring spoons. These are guidelines. The actual amount is determined by the size of the bird, activity, housing, temperature and weather conditions.

Check the weight of the bird regularly. Always provide sufficient fresh drinking water.

Care+ is a complete food. However, as a welcome addition and for distraction, a piece of fruit or vegetable can be given daily.

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