Beaphar IntestoPro dog/cat up to 20 kg (with thin stools)

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Beaphar IntestoPro dog/cat (with thin stools) - Digestion | up to 20 kg | Pharmacy Outlet

Product information

Beaphar IntestoPro tablets help relieve intestinal problems in cats and dogs from 8 weeks old and 1kg body weight. The key, natural ingredient - zeolite - helps make stools firmer by absorbing excess moisture. The product contains FOS and MOS, which are known for their properties for proper intestinal function and strengthening intestinal flora. IntestoPro is great for cats and dogs with intermittent or thin stools. May also be used during pregnancy and lactation.

Instructions for use

Administer orally 3 times a day for 3 days. Consult a veterinarian in case of blood in the stool or if the symptoms are not resolved after 3 days.

1-10kg: morning 1/2 tablet afternoon 1/2 tablet evening 1/2 tablet

1-5kg: morning 1/2 tablet afternoon 1/2 tablet evening 1/2 tablet
5-10kg: morning 1 tablet afternoon 1 tablet evening 1 tablet
10-15kg: morning 1 1/2 tablets afternoon 1 1/2 tablets evening 1 1/2 tablets
15-20kg: morning 2 tablets afternoon 2 tablets evening 2 tablets


Minerals, Sugar, Yeast (MOS 1%), Meat and animal by-products, Vegetable by-products (FOS 1%), Oils and fats.


Per kg: Clinoptilolite of sedimentary origin (Zeolite) (1g568) 33,000 mg.


Crude protein 4.2%, Crude fat 1.4%, Crude fiber 26%, Crude ash 46%, Moisture 6.1%, Calcium 3.9%, Phosphorus 1.8%, Sodium 0.37%.


20 tablets

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