PrimeVal Stressless Powder Horse

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PrimeVal StresssLess is a unique calming supplement that helps your horse relax.

Product information

The calming herbs and nutrients in this product reinforce each other, addressing the horse's stress sensitivity at multiple points. It is well suited for use during stressful moments such as saddling, clipping, visits to the farrier and veterinarian or competitions. The calming herbs in combination with essential amino acids help to reduce tenseness and stress, without compromising the alertness of your horse. Your horse will therefore not become dull and the horse can continue to perform at top level and you can simply continue to ride it. Your horse will remain cool in the head and alert. With PrimeVal StressLess, you can let your horse get used to things he would otherwise be stressed about in a relaxed and simple way.

Benefits in a row

For stress sensitive horses
For horses that are anxious, e.g. during transport or visits to the vet
For horses that are nervous (''looky'') at competition
For horses that are too temperamental during training
For inner turmoil, nervousness and fear.
Helps to release tension in the body more quickly.
Calms down without becoming dazed
Is not addictive and does not cause habituation

For daily addition to the diet
Add one rounded measuring spoon (14 grams) per day to the (preferably moistened) feed.

For preventive use, for example when visiting a veterinarian or during competitions, start with the administration preferably five days before.

In case of increased demand dosage three measuring spoons.

Please note!

StressLess is not suitable for pregnant or lactating mares!

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