Beaphar Care+ Hamster 250 g

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Beaphar Care+ Hamster - Hamster food | 250 g | Pharmacy Outlet

Product information

Beaphar CARE+® Hamster contains animal protein and a higher fat content to meet the energy needs of hamsters. Each kibble has the same composition (All-in-One) which is important for a balanced diet (no more selective eating behavior and leftovers). The harder extruded pellets promote tooth wear (Dental Care). The pellets are unsharp so the cheek pouches are not damaged.

  • Care+ is a tasty and balanced food. The food is extruded making the nutrients easily digestible.
  • Contains Echinacea and Spirulina which help protect against diseases, FOS and MOS improve intestinal flora and Yucca Schidigera limits the smell of feces and urine.
  • Each kibble has the same composition to prevent selective eating behavior, making nutritional shortages and leftovers a thing of the past.

Instructions for use

CARE+® is irresistibly delicious. It is important to gradually switch from one food to another. Therefore, during the first few days, mix the old food with CARE+®. The daily quantity of CARE+® depends on weight, condition and level of activity. Guideline: 8-15 grams per hamster per day. Feed preferably in the evening. Always provide fresh drinking water. Store cool and dry.


Cereals, vegetable by-products (Yucca schidigera 0.1%, Echinacea 0.03%, green tea extract 0.01%, FOS 0.01%), seeds, vegetables, minerals, meat and animal by-products (poultry 2%), fish and by-products, yeast (MOS 0.13%), algae (Spirulina 0.01%).


Per kg: Vit. A 7020 IU/UI/IU, Vit. B1 15 mg, Vit. B2 20 mg, Vit. B6 18 mg, Vit. B12 59 μg, Vit. C 55 mg, Vit. D3 2000 IU/UI/IU, Vit. E 70 IU/UI/IU, Vit. K3 2.9 mg, Biotin 510 μg, Choline chloride 1500 mg, Calcium D-pantothenate 42 mg, Niacinamide 100 mg, Cu (copper amino chelate) 10 mg, I (3b201, 3b202) 1.46 mg, Mn (manganese amino chelate) 25 mg, Se (sodium selenite) 0.05 mg, Zn (3b606) 50 mg, Fe (ferric oxide) 396 mg, Folic acid 2.7 mg, Colorings, Aromatics (thyme) 120 mg.


Crude protein 19%, Crude fiber 11%, Crude fat 4.6%, Crude ash 5%, Ca 0.8%, K 0.89%, P 0.48%, S 0.009%, Na 0.27%, Omega 3 0.40%, Mg 0.18%, Omega 6 1.0%, Energy value 2800Kcal/kg.

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