Carniwell White Shrimp 60g

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White shrimp is great for your dog. It is rich in vitamin B12.

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This can help alleviate any stomach problems. Shrimp are also high in niacin, which can help with your dog's fat and energy production and improve blood circulation.
The amount of phosphorus present in shrimp can help strengthen your dog's bones.
Furthermore, shrimp is low in fat, making it a suitable snack to add to your dog's regular meals.
Great tasting, yum yum!!!


All Carniwell fish and meat delicacies are air dried, 100% natural and grain free. The snacks are conveniently packaged in resealable bags.


protein 65%
- fat 1.9%.
- crude ash 15%
- crude fiber 0.8%
- moisture 6%.
- composition 100% shrimp

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