Beaphar CatComfort starter kit vaporizer & refill

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Beaphar CatComfort starter kit vaporizer & refill | Pharmacy Outlet

Product information

Clinical studies show that the pheromone of Beaphar CatComfort helps in stressful situations and prevents unwanted behavior. Because cats respond to this pheromone, Beaphar CatComfort is ideal for the prevention of problems such as destruction/scratching, spraying or anxiety.

Beaphar CatComfort is particularly suitable when there are changes in a cat's environment, such as a move, new furnishings, stress caused by moving furniture and fireworks anxiety. The pheromone used in Beaphar CatComfort is a copy of the cat's head pheromone. This pheromone gives a reassuring feeling and lets cats know what a safe place is. This is nice when a cat enters a new home. This allows him to get used to his new environment faster.

Beaphar CatComfort does not affect other animals in the household and does not sedate cats. This product can be used alongside any medication. A vaporizer with filling is suitable for an area of up to 70m², and 30 days effective. 

Instructions for use
Turn the cap of the filling for the vaporizer. Then place the filling in the pheromone vaporizer with a twisting motion and plug it into the outlet. Pheromones are thus constantly present in the room where the vaporizer is placed.

Use only in a 230V outlet. DO NOT use with a multi-contact extension cord, adapter or converter. Use only Beaphar CatComfort refill or refill for this vaporizer. Keep out of reach of children. The device has hot surfaces to vaporize the active ingredients, these surfaces should not be touched during use. DO NOT PLACE: under another electrical appliance, under or close to furniture or under an object protruding from the wall, in an adapter with multiple plugs or an extension cord. MINIMUM DISTANCE above diffuser = 1.20 m (4 ft). This may reduce or block the evaporation of the product and leave stains. DO NOT immerse in water. DO NOT connect upside down. Replace the diffuser every 6 months.

Cat face pheromone analogue F3 2% Isoparaffinic hydrocarbon q.s. 100g

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